Harvard’s Under Construction Performs LIVE!

We apologize for the delay!  Recordings will be up this week!

Under Construction from Harvard will perform LIVE on the Voice Box, this Friday at 9pm.  Their performance and interview will be available here, a few hours after the show.


  • Under Contruction
    • Michelle Odonkor
    • Joan Zhang
    • Janiah Lockett
    • Michael Sanky
    • Tony Turner
    • Ethan Pardue
    • Bruno Villegas
    • Olivia Phillips
    • Kristy Hong
    • Ben Sorkin
    • Euvin Park
    • Scott Ely
    • Allison Paul
  • Soloists
    • *Coming Soon!*
  • Sound Engineering: Craig Thorburn and Natalia Guerrero

First aired on December 2 – Season 1 Episode 9

‘Beautiful’ was re-aired on December 16 – Season 1 Episode 11

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