Centrifugues Concert LIVE!

On December 2nd we did a two-hour LIVE broadcast of the Centrifugues end of semester concert.  We will attempt to have the recordings from the concert up here as soon as we can!


  • The MIT Centrifugues
    • *Coming Soon!*
  • WMBR Broadcast Sound Engineering: Craig Thorburn and Natalia Guerrero
  • Aca-Sound In-House Sound Engineering: Madeline Haas and John Bond
  • Station OTA Engineering: Brian Sennett

We would like to the The MIT Centrifugues for working with us to broadcast the concert.  We would also like to thank Aca-Sound, who provided the in-house concert mixing, for working with us to make this happen.

First aired on December 2 – Season 1 Episode 10

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